The Most Fuccboi Lyrics on The Weeknd’s ‘Starboy’

Critical reviews have been mixed on The Weeknd’s third full-length album. Rolling Stone says Starboy, released November 25th, “offers evidence that the Weeknd is afraid to abandon [his] post-millennial lounge lizard archetype.” The New York Times says the pop phenom “traverses one of his most familiar subjects: psychological antagonism pegged to sexual dominance.” Well, actually, critics are clearly agreeing on one thing: Abel Tesfaye is still playing the fuccboi. “Main bitch out your league too, ah. 
Side bitch out of your league too, ah,” a lyric from the album’s eponymous lead single, is the type of drunk-text poetry we’ve come to expect from the guy who only calls us when it’s half past five. And while the Canadian crooner hints at a softer side on Starboy ( “Die For You” and “I See It Coming,” in particular), the album is still overwhelmed with odes to the booty call. Let’s review.

“When I travel ’round the globe, make a couple mil a show. And I come back to my city, I fuck every girl I know.” – “Reminder”
Everything about this seems a little bit exaggerated.

“Got a sweet Asian chick she go low mane.” – “Reminder”

“I’m like, got up, thank the Lord for the day.
 Woke up by a girl, I don’t even know her name.” – “Party Monster”
Unnecessary to bring the Lord into this.

“You don’t have to spend your life with me.
You don’t have to waste your energy.
 We can just be rockin’, yeah.” – “Rockin’”
How kind of you to present options!

“Tell me the truth
, Baby girl, who else been with you?” – “True Colors”
Not really your business, bruh. Wbu?

“She loves to lay, it’s all a game.
 I learned the hard way.” – “Love to Lay”
Fuccboi can dish it but he can’t take it, eh?

“Baby girl, I loved you on a lonely night.
 It was the only time.
And if I led you on, then I apologize.” – “A Lonely Night”
You’re trippin’ if you think she’s trippin.’

“I just need a girl who gon’ really understand.
I just need a girl who gon’ really understand.” – “Party Monster”
Understand what, though? Please communicate clearly about what you’re looking for out of this relationship. Repetition doesn’t help.


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