B.J. Novak Took Me Voting for the First Time


Hi there,

It’s Camille, founder and editor of SKIRRT.com. I come up with a lot of crazy ideas and share them on the internet (as seen here and here), and yesterday, knowing that author/actor/producer B.J. Novak—who I thoroughly respect and adore and had met once before—was in Las Vegas to encourage early voting on behalf of Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton, I decided to tweet at Clinton’s Nevada Press Secretary with a very crazy idea:


And it worked. Within an hour of my tweet, I was given a location and time to meet B.J., for a second time. “He remembers you and he says he’d love to do it!” The press secretary told me on the phone.

B.J. Novak caravanned with me to my polling place and waited for about 40 minutes as I made my way through the line. Then we took those very cute photos you see above. I documented that entire experience for Vegas Seven, which you can read about here. And also here in these text messages to my sister and mother:

And if you’re reading this, I’d like to encourage YOU to vote also. Don’t be like 21 year-old me and skip an election. Vote, and vote early if you can. Early voting ends November 4th in Nevada, and every vote counts. For more information, visit ClarkCountry.Gov/vote.

And if you’re B.J. Novak, thank you for making my first voting experience one I’ll never forget. I promise not to bug you again … until the next time you’re in Las Vegas.


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