Eighteen Years Later, TLC Still Doesn’t Want “No Scrubs”

By Lori Esteen

You didn’t have to be born before 1990 to appreciate the I Love the 90s tour. Adults, teenagers and kids alike filled the Downtown Las Vegas Event Center on July 21st to sing along to the hits of CC Music Factory, Coolio, Color Me Badd, Biz Markie and Rob Base and headliners TLC. The five time Grammy award winning R&B group released a self-titled and “final” album in June after a 15-year hiatus, but still inspired the most audience dancing from their classics. During “No Scrubs,” the duo was accompanied by backup dancers whose outfits conjured the music video’s futuristic latex looks, and as they performed “Waterfalls,” a photo tribute to the late third member of the group, Lisa “Left Eye” Lopez, played on an onstage screen. Chilli and T-Boz’s vocals were as clear as they were when those songs were first released, and Chilli’s six-pack was
still as enviable.



Diggin’ on You
What About Your Friends
Ain’t 2 Proud 2 Beg
Red Light Special
Way Back
Silly Ho
It’s Sunny
No Scrubs


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